We are offering  world class care for laryngology, otology, rhinology, oral and maxillofacial rehabilitation ,  Head and Neck cancer and airway management for laryngectomy, dysphagia and tracheostomy .

Our ENT & Head and Neck Division enjoys a unique position within the surgeons as a well respected supplier in the country.


ENT & Head & Neck Care


Ear Popper (P)

Ear Popper (H)

Griffin Lab

Denver Splint

Caurtry Tip Cleaner

Kapitex Buchanan Bibs

Silicone Voice Prosthesis

Instrument Organizer

Rotary Burrs - Tunguston Carbide, Diamond, Steel

Hood Lab

Magnetic Drape

Speech Rehabilitation

Aspen surgical

OT Light Handle Cover

Dizzyfix for BPPV

Nasopharyngoscope Cover for Flexible and rigid




For NeuroSurgery  we offer US FDA & CE approved readio-opaque thereaded sterile sponges to avoid tissue injuries while operating.


Neuro Surgery



For sterilization, infection, contamination and cleanliness personnel, equipments and process protection. We use expert  source,  for innovative products introduction that solve problems and improve productivity for healthcare facilities.





Although we are a small organization, we always ready to take the opportunity to provide solution to our customer's toughest challenges and quality products delivery in a days or even hours


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Industrial Division


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Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture Therapy

AcuGraph 3 is a revolution in modern acupunture, enhancing the effect of ancient techniques by applying modern science.



Physiotherapy Category


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